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Did you know Halloween has originally a Christian origin? It was a time that people would light candles and help guide those left in limbo to reach the afterlife. It is also known as Allhalloweed, All Hallows' Eve, or All Saints' Eve.

Did you know that it wasn't always a carved pumpkin for Jack-O-Lanterns? They used to carve into Turnips, but when the tradition came to America, Pumpkins were found to be bigger and a little softer. This made them easier to carve into. Jack-O-Lanterns were carved to scare away the evil spirits.

Do you know what the trick-or-treat ties to? It was a question posed to home owners. When people came to the door and asked "Trick-Or-Treat" the home owners could either give a treat, or expect a trick from treaters for not getting anything like candy, toys, or other gifts.

So, which Halloween tradition do you enjoy most?

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