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Hoppy Easter

He is risen! Today is the day we celebrate Jesus' resurrection after his third day being crucified. This celebration has been dated back to the 2nd Century. However the commemoration of Jesus' resurrection probably occurred earlier. So where did Easter eggs and the Easter bunny come from?

Since the 12th century the Lenten fast ended on Easter with meals including eggs, ham, cheeses, bread, and sweets. The use of painted eggs dating in the 13th century started when the Church prohibited the eating of eggs during Holy Week, but chickens still lay eggs. This started a lot of egg celebrations from decorating, and the famous Easter egg roll first sponsored by First Lady Lucy Hayes on the White House Lawn in 1878.

Later in the 19th century the Easter Rabbit was said to lay the eggs as well as decorate and hide them for children to find. The Easter Rabbit would also leave children baskets with toys and candies on Easter morning.

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